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EU sets binding MRL for chlorate

04.03.2020 | Produktion

20 03 02 EU Legt Verbindliche RHG Fuer Chlorat Fest

In mid-February 2020, the Standing Committee on Pesticide Residues (SCoPAFF) approved the EU draft regulation (SANTE 10684/2015, Rev.9) setting specific maximum residue levels (MRLs) for chlorate by qualified majority. This provides binding MRL for chlorate in various products and product groups in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 396/2005.

The regulation is expected to enter into force in early/mid-June 2020 and does not foresee any transitional regulations. This means that the new MRLs for chlorate apply to all goods as soon as the regulation comes into force, regardless of when they were produced (EU goods) or imported into the EU (goods from third countries). Products that do not comply with the new MRLs may not be marketed.

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