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Extension of mutual recognition with Danish standard DAFC

19.12.2019 | Schlachtung/Zerlegung

17 01 17 Gegenseitige Anerkennung Mit Dänischem Standardgeber DAFC Verlängert

QS and the Danish standard Danish Agriculture and Food Council (DAFC) have agreed to extend their mutual recognition, already existing since 2006, for another two years.

The bilateral agreement between QS and the DAFC covers not only the areas of agriculture, pigs and slaughtering/deboning but also the storage of meat and meat products with immediate effect.

Due to the mutual recognition, agricultural companies can deliver their products to the QS scheme based on a successful certification according to the DANISH Product Standard. Abattoirs and storage companies are authorised to supply to the QS scheme on the basis of certification according to the Global Red Meat Standard.

QS and DAFC regularly compare their requirements with each other to ensure a comparable level of food quality assurance across national borders. The exchange of information on requirements and inspection systematics is ongoing.

The extension of mutual recognition between the two standards will make life easier for all operators concerned by avoiding the costs and burdens that would be associated with a double audit.

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