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Interim revision Guideline Slaughtering/Deboning

03.03.2020 | Schlachtung/Zerlegung | Schlachtung/Zerlegung

20 03 03 Zwischenrevision Leitfaden Schlachtung Zerlegung EN

On 2 March 2020 a new version of the guideline Slaughtering/Deboning became valid. The revision is necessary to clearly distinguish the microbiological guidance and critical-values for poultry meat from those for beef/pig meat. The different values for E. coli are now presented in Table 3 of the guideline (p. 11, Chapter 2.3.1 Implementation and documentation of self-assessment).

This does not result in any changes for the Slaughtering/Deboning of red meat.

The revised guideline (version 01.01.2020rev01) can be found in the Document Centre on the QS homepage.

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