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K.O. criteria: Re-adjust focus

10.12.2020 | Produktion | Erzeugung QS-GAP


The QS advisory board has decided to reduce the number of the K.O. criteria in the guidelines production fruit, vegetables, potatoes and QS-GAP. The requirements relevant to food safety are thus moving even more into focus. The number of K.O. criteria decreases by 10 for the QS-GAP guideline and by 4 for QS production. If K.O. criteria are not met, the audit is deemed not to have been passed. Even deviations in case of non-K.O. criteria must be corrected at short notice according to the rules of QS. Thus, the high level of QS certification is maintained even with a lower number of K.O. criteria and the producers' view of the relevant requirements is sharpened.

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