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Laboratories and certification bodies: Communicating your own work in the QS scheme

09.04.2024 | Auditoren | Labore | Zertifizierungsstellen | QS System

24 04 09 Neues Logo Zertstellen Labore  EN

QS is now providing QS approved laboratories and certification bodies with their own logos for their corporate communication. Last year, QS already visually separated corporate communication from product communication with the introduction of a new company logo. The QS certification mark will now only be used for the labeling of food products that have been produced in accordance with QS requirements.

By providing their own logos, certification bodies and laboratories will in future be able to draw attention to their activities in the QS scheme and advertise them.

The changeover to the new QS-approved laboratory or QS-approved certification body mark is to be completed by the beginning of September. The new marks can be found on the QS website.

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