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Livestock farming: Necessary documents for participation in the QS scheme

17/05/2024 | Livestock Farming/Transport | Certification bodies | QS scheme

24 05 17 Systemanforderungen LF Tierhaltung Serie

If a company participates in the QS scheme for the first time or if its company key data changes, the so-called master data must be correctly stored or changed for QS. This is initiated via your own coordinator. A number of documents are available to support you in this process. This is because the up-to-dateness of your own company data is also a test criterion in every audit (criterion 2.1.1 K.O. criterion company data).

Participation in QS begins with the signing of the Declaration of Participation and Power of Attorney, for which QS provides a sample copy on the website. With the conclusion of this declaration, the livestock owner commissions and authorizes the selected coordinator and authorizes him to represent his own interests in the QS scheme.

Note: The List of Production Scopes helps you to determine the correct production scope for your company and register it accordingly. The coordinator also offers support here.

QS also offers a sample form for the documentation of the general company data itself. The file can be downloaded from the QS website under documents for livestock owners (sample forms) and provides an overview of the location's master data - including the address, location number, capacities and operating units.

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