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Livestock farming: support in the event of an incident or crisis

10/06/2024 | Inspection and laboratory analyses | Coordinators Agriculture | QS scheme

24 05 17 Systemanforderungen LF Tierhaltung Serie

If an incident or crisis occurs in the company that is relevant to the QS scheme, the scheme participants must inform QS and their coordinator immediately of what has happened. This includes, for example, barn fires, ventilation failures or exceeding maximum residue levels in feed. As it is necessary to pass on information quickly and clearly in such cases, QS offers stage-related papers of incident.

The QS paper of incident serves as a reporting form and contains essential information on the procedure and all necessary information in the event of an incident. Once completed, this can then be forwarded to the coordinator and QS. Every livestock owner must have access to an incidence form.

An emergency plan must be available at each location to ensure that the animals can be cared for in the event of emergencies, such as a sudden loss of management or technical problems with the supply facilities. This should be stored in a central location and be easy to find. For this purpose, QS provides sample forms for the animal types cattle, pigs and poultry for download on the website. These forms contain contact persons who can be contacted in an emergency. The explanations on the QS emergency plan in the sample form provide support in filling in the information.

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