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Media cooperation with “Eurofruit” starts

03.09.2018 | Einzelfuttermittelherstellung | Mischfutterherstellung


As part of a series of five articles in the international magazine Eurofruit, we explain the requirements and advantages of the QS scheme for fruit and vegetables - from the producer via the wholesale to the food retail - stage by stage. In the recently published issue of September, we begin with an overview of the development and function of the QS scheme - with focus on international cooperations.

A guaranteed quality level of fresh fruit and vegetables right on to the consumer can only be achieved if all partners involved work hand in hand. In times of international networking and advancing globalization, this task becomes more and more complex. Trading partners must rely on each other – also across national borders. This trust applies to the daily work of producers and wholesalers, but also to the work of the inspecting auditors. The German standard owner QS scheme ensures certified quality assurance of food along the entire supply chain – from farm to shop – and is working for an internationally comparable high level of food safety.

You can find the full article in our media catalog.

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