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New: Combined checklist for processing

08/03/2018 | Production

18 03 06 News Kombicheckliste

Due to the implementation of the new QS guideline Preparation/Processing Fruit, Vegetables and Potatoes in 2017, the scope of the QS scheme has been expanded by processed fruit, vegetables and potatoes. Until now, for companies that process both meat and fruit, vegetables or potatoes, the evaluations of both supply chains had to be recorded in two different checklists during the QS audits.

Since 1st March 2018, the different production scopes can be evaluated with a combined checklist. The resulting audit report applies to meat processing as well as the preparation/processing of fruit, vegetables and potatoes. This considerably reduces the effort for the companies and for the auditors. In addition, the clarity is increased, as it quickly becomes clear which criteria must be met for obtaining a QS delivery eligibility for both scopes.

The combined checklist can be viewed and downloaded here.

If you are interested in using the combined checklist, please contact your certification office. In addition, we ask for appropriate information to QS. For further questions please contact the following staff:


Juliane Weinmann

Product Scope Fruit, Vegetables, Potatoes
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