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OQUALIM recognises VLOG feed as equivalent


19 07 15 OQUALIM Erkennt VLOG Futtermittel Als Gleichwertig An

For QS-certified feed companies using the VLOG add-on module, it is now much easier to supply French farmers with GMO-free feed. The reason for this trade facilitation is that since 1 June 2019, the French feed standard owner OQUALIM has recognised VLOG certifications as equivalent and vice versa. OQUALIM and VLOG reached an agreement on this in May.

A QS audit in combination with the VLOG add-on mudule is now considered equivalent to Oqualim + STNO.

This recognition is a step forward for cross-border trade and helps to ensure that GMO-free producers can always access GMO-free feed. It also avoids unnecessary duplication of certification and reduces costs for feed producers and farmers.

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