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Paper of incident animal husbandry and transport: Facilitated presentation of the facts of the case

20/07/2021 | Livestock Farming/Transport | QS scheme

21 07 20 Neues QS Ereignisfallblatt Tierhaltung

As part of the incident and crisis management, QS scheme participants must inform their coordinator immediately about critical incidents, provided that they are relevant for the QS scheme. The paper of incident helps livestock farmers and transporters in the QS scheme to notify QS and, if necessary, also to inform the competent supervisory authority. In order to make it easier to record the required information in the event of an incident, the paper of incident provided by QS for the areas of animal husbandry and animal transport has now been updated and made even more user-friendly.

Whereas the livestock owner or transporter was previously supported in the description of an incident by open questions, from now on precise questions and answers by means of a multiple-choice procedure facilitate the recording of the facts and the required notification to QS.

The updated paper of incident can be accessed here.

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