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Participate now - online survey of the IDTF database

20/01/2020 | Pig | Transport

19 12 04 Online Umfrage IDTF Umfrage

To further optimise the IDTF database (International Database Transport for Feed), the ICRT (International Committee Road Transport) has been conducting an online survey since the beginning of December 2019. The database summarises all minimum requirements of the European standard setters for cleaning transport vehicles from loose feed in the field of road transport.

Until 31 January 2020, certified companies from the feed industry can evaluate the current application possibilities of the database via an online questionnaire and indicate for which purposes they currently use the IDTF database.

The ICRT is an association of the certification schemes Qualimat, OVOCOM, GMP+ International, EFISC-GTP, AIC, AMA and QS, which has set itself the goal of simplifying the work of internationally operating feed companies.

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