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Revision 2023: QS guidelines and checklists published in Spanish, Italian and Polish

20.12.2023 | Kontrollen und Laboranalysen | Tierhaltung/Transport | Futtermittelwirtschaft | Obst, Gemüse, Kartoffeln | Fleischwirtschaft | QS System | Tiergesundheit

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The Spanish, Italian and, as of this year, Polish language guidelines and annexes valid for the coming year 2024 can now be viewed and downloaded from the QS website (document centre). There you can also find the revised checklists for audits that will be carried out from January 1, 2024 onwards. The Spanish documents can be found in our Spanish document centre, Italian documents are included on the Documenti italiani page on our English website. The polish guidelines are included in the English document center as well as in the Spanish and German document centers.

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