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Revision of the guidelines Feed Sector and Feed Monitoring

02/07/2018 | Feed

18 06 29 Revision Leitfäden FUMI

In the course of our harmonization meetings with international scheme owners in the feed sector, amendments have been made in the Guidelines Feed Sector and Feed Monitoring. These guidelines have been revised effective 1st July 2018, and can now be viewed and downloaded from the document center of the QS website.

The Guideline Feed Sector has included a special case for the supply of (former) foodstuffs from a food manufacturer. Since it is sometimes not possible for feed producers to prepare all raw materials delivered from the food manufacturer for example because of capacity reasons, surplus goods can be market to another feed producer (processer) in this case.

Furthermore, in the Annex 10.2 and in the Guideline Feed Monitoring it was determined that for dried products a reduction of the dioxin analysis frequency depending on the type of drying is possible. In the course of the revision, Annex 10.7 has been added by the definitions of the relevant by-products from vegetable oils and fats.

You can find these and further editorial changes in the updated Guidelines Feed Sector and Feed Monitoring.

For detailed information on all other guideline changes, see the revision information for the Guidelines Feed Sector and Feed Monitoring.


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