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Storage of meat and meat products - QS eligibility of delivery required from 2019


QS Erkennt IFS Food Zertifizierung NEW

At the end of 2018, the transitional period for the review of meat and meat products service providers will expire. Starting in 2019, companies that store QS meat and meat products on behalf of other companies must have a QS eligbility of delivery in the QS database.

To get these, there are two options available:

  • QS certification according to the standard Storage of meat and meat products.
  • Participation through a recognized standard that takes into account similar requirements for the storage of meat and meat products (IFS Food, IFS Logistics, IFS Wholesale / Cash & Carry and BRC Storage & Distribution).

In the second case, the certification takes place via a certification body recognized in the QS scheme, with which the companies must conclude a declaration of participation in the storage of meat and meat products. In the first step, the storage companies have to log in to the QS database and select a certification body that has performed the certification according to one of the above-mentioned standards.

After the company has signed the declaration of participation and has sent it to the selected certification body, it can enter the term of the correspondingly recognized certificate in the QS database. Subsequently, the company is entitled to deliver in the QS scheme for the storage of meat and meat products until the end of the certificate period.

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