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Style guide for the QS certification mark - Revised edition published

03/04/2020 | Production | QS certification mark

QS has revised the structure and layout of the style guide for the use of the QS certification mark, further specifying the rules for use on composite products. The new version of the style guide can now be downloaded from the QS website.

The current regulations on the general use of the QS certification mark remained unchanged during the revision. With the exception of some layout and structural adjustments, the changes only affect the requirements for the use of the QS certification mark on composite products.

The blue QS certification mark labels fresh meat and meat products as well as fruit, vegetables and potatoes that are verifiably produced and marketed in compliance with binding quality requirements. It may only be used on product packaging, advertising material, packaging materials or in corporate communication by QS scheme participants, recognized certification bodies, coordinators and recognized laboratories. The QS style guide specifies which regulations must be observed when using and displaying the certification mark.

QS style guide - View and download here

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