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Style Guide for the QS certification mark – revised version released


18 01 30 QS Gestaltungskatalog Englisch

The Style Guide for the use of the QS certification mark was extended by revised regulations for the labelling of composed products with the QS certification mark. The updated version can be viewed and downloaded on the QS website as of now.

The current regulations on the general use of the QS certification mark were not changed in the current version of the Style Guide. Only the revised regulations on the QS labelling of composed products were added. When depicting the certification mark on composed products it must additionally be ensured that all relevant components are marked with a footnote in the list of ingredients. Composed products are foods that consist of more than one ingredient, such as marinated and seasoned meat, mixed salads and vegetables as well as instant meals.

The blue QS certification mark labels foodstuffs that are verifiably produced and marketed in compliance with mandatory quality requirements. It may only be used by QS scheme participants, authorised certification bodies, coordinators and recognized laboratories on product packaging, advertising materials, packaging materials or in corporate communications. The QS style guide explains, which rules and policies must be met when using and depicting the certification mark.

Style Guide for the QS certification mark - Download here

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