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Successful sampling training in Italy


20 01 31 QS Probenahmeschulung Italien

On 22 January 2020, QS in cooperation with CSO Italy conducted a sampling training course in Italy on QS residue monitoring. The training, which was aimed at wholesalers, coordinators and laboratories active in the QS scheme, was attended by 20 participants. The sampling training, which was fully booked shortly after the date was announced, took place on the premises of C.I.C.O. Soc. Coop. a R.L. in Tresigallo, in the Italian province of Ferrara.

In the first part of the training the participants received up-to-date information on the QS scheme from Giulio Benvenuti, the QS contact person for Italy, and Jana Nägler, responsible for residue monitoring at QS. After the introductory theoretical part on correct sampling, the focus was on practice. In the practical part of the event, which was carried out by Daniele Palermo of Food Expert S.L., the attendees were given concrete advice on representative sampling and were also shown typical sources of error and contamination during sampling.

Giulio Benvenuti was very satisfied with the sampling training in Tresigallo: Sampling is an essential starting point and decisive for the compliant implementation of QS residue monitoring. Accordingly, the participants showed great interest in all learning contents of the events. Especially in the practical part, many existing questions on the topic could be competently clarified.

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