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The QS-Report for meat and meat products and for fruit, vegetables, potatoes is published twice a year and contains interesting industry news, practical reports and latest facts of the QS scheme.


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Feed Monitoring Report

The first issue of the Feed Monitoring Report provides a total overview of all analysis data which have been recorded by QS since the start of feed monitoring in 2008. It contains a total evaluation of more than 122,000 feed samples and a good 1.6 million individual analyses.

Monitoringreports Fruit, Vegetables, Potatoes

For the monitoringreport 2015, QS and DFHV evaluated their residue monitoring programs together for the fifth time. The continuous further development of methods and the seamless interaction of the controls have contributed to the fact that residues in fruit and vegetables have been drastically reduced in the past number of years.

Annual reports

Our annual reports comprise facts and data about the cross-stage quality assurance and present tasks and projects for the current year. Strong partner hand in hand for safe food. Report 2012 - Outlook 2013.

Info letters

The cross-stage quality assurance has many facets that are regularly highlighted in our info letters. Interesting practice reports that are specifically tailored to the respective QS supply chain, complete our newsletters.

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