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FleischMagazin Special Issue

QS - A strong partnership

With their daily work, 100,000 QS scheme participants from the international meat sector advocate for the production of high-quality and safe foods. The FleischMagazin's special publication QS - A strong partnership introduces five dedicated QS scheme participants which produce, process and market food according to clearly defined quality criteria.

QS Insights - ANUGA 2015

QS stands for certified quality assurance throughout the supply chain – from farmers and feed producers to the meat industry and the retailer – and has been ensuring food safety since 2001. More than 100,000 scheme participants from 21 countries are actively involved in the meat and meat product supply chain.

Find out more about how the QS scheme works and how our systematic quality assurance contributes towards food safety in our trade fair magazine QS Insights - ANUGA 2015.



Annual reports

Our annual reports comprise facts and data about the cross-stage quality assurance and present tasks and projects for the current year. Strong partner hand in hand for safe food. Report 2012 - Outlook 2013.

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