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The code of conduct - everyone can rely on everyone

The employees in the QS scheme - at QS itself as well as in the businesses of the QS scheme participants - direct their daily efforts towards building trust in the performance of the scheme and the scheme participants. QS has therefore drawn up a Code of Conduct to provide a clear framework for these activities. The code outlines fundamental principles and rules for cooperation in the QS scheme and for the relationships with scheme participants and the public at large.

QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH, the QS-Fachgesellschaften companies, the certification bodies and laboratories as well as the service providers in the QS scheme will observe the principles outlined in the code of conduct.

Code of conduct for download

Assuming responsibility - building trust

The goal of the code of conduct is to prevent situations that might call the integrity of employees, management personnel and the QS scheme as a whole into question. It is the duty of all of us to comply with this code.

If you become aware of violations of the code of conduct and cannot rectify the problem on your own, you should inform your superior or the Compliance Officer in the QS scheme. They will address the matter, and determine and assess the facts. Where necessary, they will take action to stop the violation. They will naturally keep your identity confidential.


Oliver Thelen

Compliance Officer
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