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Coordinators are the first point of contact for producers. They are the link between the farms and QS.

Coordinators actively support their farms: They advise the farms on all questions concerning the QS scheme, maintain the master data in the QS database and arrange for independent inspections on the farms. The coordinators also carry out residue monitoring at the production stage.

Any natural or legal entity can become a coordinator. Producers' associations or federations, regional organizations or consulting providers are eligible to become coordinators in the QS scheme.

If you would like to become a coordinator, get in contact with QS and and register via the QS database, where you can also choose a certification body to perform the audit on your company.

You can find all information relevant to the scheme participation here.

Here you can find the documents and more informations for your participation in the QS scheme.

Note: Please note that activities as a coordinator are completely independent of any trading activities of the company.

Relevant documents

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