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Pig farmers

The participation of livestock owners in the QS scheme is organized through so-called coordinators. The current list of coordinators can be found, for example, under this link. You are free to choose which coordinator you wish to use.

You conclude a declaration of participation and power of attorney with your coordinator: this creates the contractual basis for QS participation. Your coordinator then takes care of the next steps towards QS certification: he registers you in our QS database, clarifies participation in the monitoring programmes and organizes the audits. After release of the passed audit you are authorized to deliver in the QS scheme.

Coordinators are the first point of contact for all livestock owners. They are the link between you and QS. For all questions concerning the QS scheme and QS requirements, please contact your coordinator. He will also provide you with information on the costs for scheme participation and auditing.

All guidelines and checklists relevant for scheme participation as well as supporting documents such as sample forms and further information can be found here. The current scale of fees can be found here.

Steps to a QS scheme participant - livestock farming

Relevant documents


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