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Information on QS-Soyplus for livestock owners

What needs to be considered when purchasing
and using soy as animal feed?

As of 1 January 2024, only sustainably certified soy has been used in feed in the QS scheme. The associated requirements are primarily implemented at the feed industry stage. If QS livestock owners purchase soy beans or soy bean products or compound feed containing soy beans (products), the following points must be observed:

• Purchase of soy-containing QS certified feed: In this case, no additional requirements for the purchase of feed must be observed. With the purchase of QS feed that is labelled as such as usual or additionally with the claim QS-Soyplus, all requirements are fulfilled.

• Purchase of soy beans (= primary agricultural product): If soy beans are purchased as a primary agricultural product by QS livestock owners or grown by them and used in their own feed, there are currently no requirements for the certification of sustainable cultivation: they can be purchased freely - just like other primary products.

Note: Purchase of soy-containing feed via a QS recognised standard: When purchasing via a QS recognised standard, it must be stated in the order that the feed is being ordered for a QS company and that only sustainable certified soy may be included.

Note: Feed companies that comply with the requirements for sourcing sustainable produced soy are labelled accordingly in the public search scheme participant.

How can feed containing sustainably certified
soy be labelled?

QS feed is labelled with the claim 'QS-Soyplus'.

If a feed company is certified according to a recognised standard (see Annex 4.3 to the Guideline Add-on module Purchase of QS-Soyplus), the regulations of the respective recognised standard apply to the labelling. Most recognised schemes, such as GMP+ Int. use positive labelling. However, some recognised schemes, such as EFISC-GTP, use negative labelling (labelling that the soy contained is not sustainably certified). In this case, care must therefore be taken to ensure that no labelling is present.

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