Every month, new companies decide to participate in the QS scheme and thus give a signal to their customers that all their operational processes are checked by...

QS has published an information sheet explaining step by step the QS scheme participation for producers with a GLOBALG.A.P. Option 2 certificate. The information sheet can be...

Of the approximately 200,000 QS scheme participants, who are currently participating in the QS scheme either directly or through the recognition of another standard, more than 30,000...

A new issue of the QS-Report Fruit, Vegetables, Potatoes has been published and can now be read and downloaded in the media catalog of the QS website.

The Additional control plan Aflatoxin B1 has been revised with effect from 6 March 2018.

QS is based upon the confidence in the performance and  the integrity of the scheme. If you are aware of any
nonconformities or irregularities you can contact our compliance officer at any time.

Information for consumers

Food produced in a reliable and safe manner is a must for QS. Our website contains a wide range of useful and interesting information on meat and meat products as well as on fruit and vegetables.

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