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In 2001, the agricultural and food industry called with the foundation of the QS quality scheme, a quality assurance scheme into being that covers all production and marketing stages of meat and meat products - from farm to shop. This scheme is organized by QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH. The company is sponsored by five shareholders, which represent the parties in industry who produce and market meat and meat products.

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QS Fachgesellschaft Geflügel GmbH

130603 Hof Geflügel Web Klein

Three years after QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH was founded as the management company of the QS scheme for meat and meat products, the shareholders decided to found the QS Fachgesellschaft Geflügel GmbH, which has been defining the requirements for quality assurance in the poultry sector since 2004.

Alongside QS, the other shareholder is the Zentralverband der Deutschen Geflügelwirtschaft e. V. (ZDG).


QS Fachgesellschaft Obst, Gemüse, Kartoffeln GmbH

QS Fachgesellschaft Obst-Gemüse-Kartoffeln GmbH was founded in 2004, in order to cater to the special requirements for quality assurance in the production and marketing of fruit, vegetables and potatoes.

Alongside QS, the other shareholder are:

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