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Quality assurance builds trust in the value supply chains and among consumers. By displaying the QS certification mark on their products, the scheme participants show that they produce and market their products exclusively in accordance with the requirements of the QS scheme - from farm to shop.

For consumers, the blue QS certification mark has served as a symbol for fresh food products of certified quality for more than a decade. Today, over 23,000 outlets in the food retail sector can offer consumers beef and pork, poultry, sausage and ham as well as a wide selection of fruit and vegetables labelled with the blue QS certification mark.

QS certification mark in communication

Through the proper use of the QS certification mark, you will help to achieve brand strength and recognisability and to give the customer a clear signal for safe food from companies with certified processes. Only products with strictly controlled production and marketing processes – from farm to shop - may be labelled with the blue QS certification mark.

The style guide informs in a compact form about the rules for the correct representation of the QS certification mark and its uses in communication. The catalogue includes numerous examples of the use of the certification mark in advertising media, packaging materials or in corporate communications to support you.


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