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QS-Report Fruit, Vegetables, Potatoes (01/2016)




Dear Sir or Madam

We are pleased to present you the current issue of the QS-Report Fruit, Vegetables, Potatoes.

Our focus in this report is sustainability in the supply chain of fruit, vegetables and potatoes. With the collaboration of Prof. Dr. Heike Mempel we prepared the results of the study on the identification of sustainability hotspots.

Christian Nacke, Managing Director at Pilzland, gives an insight into the quality management of the production of mushrooms. Other topics are: review of the Fruit Logistica, further research projects of the QS Science Fund and much more.

In addition, the insert of this issue provides an overview in numbers of the performance of the QS scheme and its participants in 2015.

Click the following link to download the QS-Report:

Your questions and comments are welcome. Please do not hesitate to contact us via presse@q-s.de.

We hope you enjoy reading the report.

Your QS team

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