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QS-Report Meat and Meat Products (02/2019)

Our autumn issue of the QS Report focuses on the new indices of QS for biosecurity (BSI) and livestock farming (THI).


QS-Report Meat and Meat Products (issue 01/2019)

Since April of this year, the big ones of the German food retail trade have been labeling their meat according to the uniform four-level farming system labelling Haltungsform . For level 1 Stallhaltung (sty farming), it is required to have the approval in the QS scheme - compliance with...


QS-Report Meat and Meat Products (02/2018)

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, The collection, documentation and feedback of diagnostic data during slaughter, as well as the antibiotics and salmonella monitoring, are important instruments in the QS scheme for assessing animal health and thus making a decisive contribution to animal welfare and...


QS-Report Meat and Meat Products (01/2018)

Dear Sir or Madam, Food that can not be purchased or is no longer suitable for human consumption can be used directly or as processed feed for our farm animals. On page 3 of our current QS-Report we report how QS handles these feed. Very recently, the European Commission has published a...

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