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QS-Report Meat and Meat Products (issue 02/2017)


QS-Report Meat and Meat Products (issue 02/2017)

The new QS-Report Meat and Meat Products, issue 2/2017, has been released and can be read and downloaded in the Media Catalog on the QS website as of now.

Together with four companies, QS is currently carrying out practical projects to verify the practicability and reliability of the calculated animal health indices. During the projects, expert advisors working in pig fattening farms evaluate, if the calculated indices correctly reflect the on-site realities on those farms during the relevant time period. Read more about this on page 3.

Another topic in the current issue is the possible outbreak of the African Swine Fever (ASF) in Germany.

Click the following link to download the QS-Report:

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We hope you enjoy reading the report.

Your QS team

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