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New issue QS report fruit, vegetables, potatoes published

29/04/2019 | Production

19 04 09 QS Report Fvp   New Issue

A new issue of the QS-Report Fruit, Vegetables, Potatoes has been published and can now be read and downloaded in the media catalog of the QS website.

Cover story of the current issue: In recent months, QS has been able to significantly increase the share of fruit and vegetables with the QS certification mark in the German food retail trade. This development in the market was primarily driven by the growing demand from leading retailers.

QS is also broadening its presence abroad and is expanding its support of scheme participants, coordinators, auditors and certification bodies. Giulio Benvenuti will now join the QS team as a contact person for our Italian scheme participants and organize QS events in Italy. He has been working with QS since 2009 and knows the system very well. In an interview he talks about his new activities and goals.

In addition, the insert of the spring issue offers a summary of figures, data and facts on scheme participants, audits and residue analyses for the year 2018.

QS-Report Fruit, Vegetables, Potatoes (issue 1/2019) - View and download here

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