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QS laboratory performance assessment - International field of participants enlarged, QS-recognized laboratories with good results

29/01/2020 | Pig | Laboratories

19 07 31 QS Laborkompetenztest

In the course of the last laboratory performance assessment in autumn 2019, the number of participating laboratories from abroad was further increased. The 77 participants included laboratories from 16 countries, including non-EU countries such as Egypt, Morocco, Turkey and Switzerland. This time, all participating laboratories received a raspberry sample in which eight active substances were to be determined, one of them by a single method.

Of the 50 participating QS-approved laboratories, 45 laboratories were able to convince. 27 concluded with maximum points. In addition, 23 laboratories took part in the recognition procedure, 13 of which passed the test, and four third-party laboratories on a voluntary basis, one of which successfully passed the test.

All laboratories that have failed the test are asked for their comments and to indicate their improvement measures. At the annual laboratory managers' meeting in February 2020 in Berlin, the results will be presented to the laboratories in detail and possible sources of error will be discussed.

A detailed overview of the results and information on the test design can be found here.


QS laboratory performance assessment - the results at a glance

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