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New: Comprehensive question and answer catalogue on the QS-Soyplus add-on module

13/10/2023 | QS scheme | SoyaPlus

Teaser QS SojaPlus

Who does it apply to, which activities and soy products does it cover and how can a feed company get certified at all? Many questions about the new QS-Soyplus add-on module are currently reaching our colleagues in the feed department at the QS headquarter. The topic is new for the industry and affects many stakeholders. The QS experts have compiled answers to a wide range of questions from the feed industry, QS scheme partners and externally certified companies, which should make it easier to get started with certification and successfully implement the requirements for 01.01.2024.

In this context, QS has also updated two documents for scheme partners. Both the feed incident sheet and the explanation on the labelling of feed as QS products now also take into account the contents of QS-Soyplus. In addition, the associated Annexes 4.2 QS-recognized standards for the soybean production and 4.3 Recognized systems for the QS add-on module for feed trade and production were revised again last week. Further information on the revisions can be found in the corresponding Annexes.

The add-on module is mandatory from 1 January 2024 for all feed producers and traders in the QS scheme who process or trade soy products.

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