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Livestock farming: Helpful documents for optimal preparation for an audit

24/05/2024 | Livestock Farming/Transport | Certification bodies | QS scheme

24 05 17 Systemanforderungen LF Tierhaltung Serie

In order to maintain a QS certification, regular checks are carried out on the scheme participants as part of audits. QS offers various documents for an optimal preparation for each audit.

The basis for the participation and subject of each inspection are the guidelines, in which all requirements for scheme participation for the respective animal species are summarized. Supplementary information on the criteria required in the guidelines is provided in the associated explanatory notes - they serve as an aid to interpretation and are to be understood as applicable requirements.

Among other things, the audit checks that important documents are complete and up to date. An overview of these documents is available on the QS website.

Checklists, which represent the schedule for the auditors during each audit, are used to check compliance with the criteria on the agricultural businesses. The checklists for the audits can be found on the QS website in the document center (beef, pork, poultry). In addition to using the self-audit checklists (more information on this will follow), livestock owners can also use the audit checklists to get an idea of the requirements from the respective guidelines.

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