Safe feed - safe food

High-quality, safe feed is essential to ensure optimum livestock nutrition. This means feed is also relevant for the food chain, in other words for the production of meat and meat products.   

The feed sector meets this responsibility and implements comprehensive quality assurance measures. These measures take effect in several areas, including raw material management, plant hygiene and traceability.

The feed sector in the QS scheme comprises:


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Recognition of other standards

The feed sector is characterised by internationally diversified flows of goods. QS cooperates with other standard owners in order to ensure a uniformly high level of feed safety. This facilitates the movement of goods, secures the availability of goods and avoids unnecessary costs due to double audits. 

QS certification is recognised by many international standard owners. Conversely, QS also recognises other standards in the feed sector.

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You can also find more detailed information in Annex 10.1 to the Guideline Feed Sector.

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