Mobile feed milling and mixing plants

Compound feed is produced not only in compound feed plants but also on site by the farmer. If mobile feed milling and mixing plants are commissioned for this purpose, they must be integrated in the QS scheme.

The quality assurance measures include regular maintenance and servicing of the vehicles, seamless documentation in the mixing log as well as personnel training. If plant operators sell feed components to farmers, they also participate in the feed monitoring programme.

All requirements are summarised in the Guideline QS Inspection for Mobile Feed Milling and Mixing Plants. Qualified independent auditors regularly monitor compliance with the requirements.


Relevant documents

You can find the documents for your participation in the QS scheme here:

Participate in the QS scheme

If you are an operator of mobile feed milling and mixing plants and would like to participate in the QS scheme, you can arrange for a QS inspection to be carried out. To do this, contact a certification body directly, and this certification body will organise all the necessary steps and carry out the inspection.

The following list shows the certification bodies that are approved in the QS scheme.


Recognition of other standards

The QS inspection for mobile feed milling and mixing plants is recognised by other international standard owners. Conversely, QS also recognises other standards.

Click on the following link to find out which schemes you can deliver into based on your QS inspection and which standards are recognised by QS.

You can also find more detailed information in Annex 10.5 to the Guideline Feed Sector and in the supporting document.

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