Compound feed production

Compound feed consists of a wide range of components. To ensure that these individual ingredients are turned into safe and high-quality compound feed, quality assurance must cover the entire production process. Process assurance comprises all activities from raw material acceptance through to delivery of the finished compound feed, and also includes plant hygiene, traceability and HACCP. The compound feed producers arrange for continuous testing of their products by QS-recognised laboratories within the framework of feed monitoring.

QS supports the compound feed businesses in the area of quality assurance. All requirements are outlined in detail in guidelines. Qualified auditors monitor compliance with the requirements regularly and independently.


Relevant documents

You can find the documents for your participation in the QS scheme here:

Participate in the QS scheme

If you are a compound feed producer and would like to participate in the QS scheme, then register online in the QS database. You can also choose a certification body to perform the audit on your premises there. After a successful audit, you sign an agreement with QS.

QS database


Recognition of other standards

QS certification is recognised by many international standard owners. Conversely, QS also recognises other standards for compound feed production.

Click on the following link to find out which schemes you can deliver into based on your QS certification and which standards are recognised by QS.

You can also find more detailed information in Annex 10.5 to the Guideline Feed Sector and in the supporting document.


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