Feed material production

The wide range of feed material products includes not only cereals, oilseeds and other crops but also products from the area of food production, such as wheat bran, oilcakes or brewer's grains. Some feed material is fed directly to livestock, while some is processed to make compound feed.

Comprehensive quality assurance must be ensured from the outset in all cases.

The QS requirements for feed material production are outlined in the Guideline Feed Sector and/or the Guideline QS Inspection for Small Scale Feed Material Production. As part of the QS feed monitoring, the feed producers have their products continuously analysed by QS-approved laboratories. As a basic principle, only feed material listed in the positive list or in lists of QS-recognised standards may be used in the QS scheme.


Relevant documents

You can find the documents for your participation in the QS scheme here:

Participate in the QS scheme

If you are a feed material producer and would like to participate in the QS scheme, then register online in the QS database. There you can also choose an approved certification body to perform the audit on your premises. After a successful audit, you sign an agreement with QS.

If you produce less than 1,000 tons (dry matter) a year, you can participate in the QS scheme based on an inspection. If you would like to participate, contact a certification body, which will organise all the further steps for you and carry out the inspection.


Businesses that produce only small amounts of feed material can also be integrated in the scheme through scheme coordinators. In this case, the coordinator organises your participation as well as feed monitoring. You can ask QS head office if your business is eligible to choose this route. QS head office will also provide you with the contact details of the coordinators.

QS database

Recognition of other standards

QS certification is recognised by many international standard owners. Conversely, QS also recognises other standards for feed material production.

Click on the following link to find out which schemes you can deliver into based on your QS certification and which standards are recognised by QS.

You can also find more detailed information in Annex 10.5 to the Guideline Feed Sector.


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