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Successful prolongation of the mutual recognition between GMP + International...

GMP + International and QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH have re-established their longstanding, successful cooperation and prolongated their mutual recognition agreement. This means that all feed producers and traders, private labellers, storage and transshipment companies who are certified...


QS wishes Merry Christmas!

After this special year that has challenged us all, we wish you and your loved ones a peaceful Christmas.  


Revision of the additional control plan for Aflatoxin B1 – Changed risk...

With effect from December 18, 2020 QS has revised the additional control plan for aflatoxin B1. The revised version of the additional control plan contains a new risk assessment for the Ukraine.


Continuation and expansion of mutual recognition with the French standard...

QS and OQUALIM will continue and extend their mutual recognition in the coming year. Starting next year, the mutual recognition between QS and the standard owner OQUALIM from France will apply to the production and marketing of compound feeds and premixes, as well as to the trade in compound...


Revision 2021: Guidelines and checklists published in Italian and Spanish

The Spanish and Italian-language guidelines and annexes valid for the coming year 2021 can now be viewed and downloaded from the QS company website.


K.O. criteria: Re-adjust focus

The QS advisory board has decided to reduce the number of the K.O. criteria in the guidelines production fruit, vegetables, potatoes and QS-GAP. The requirements relevant to food safety are thus moving even more into focus.


November 2020 - Overview of new QS scheme participants

Every month, new companies decide to participate in the QS scheme and thus give a signal to their customers that all their operational processes are checked by independent certification bodies.


Revision 2021: Guidelines and checklists published

From now on, the guidelines valid for the coming year 2021 can be viewed and downloaded in the Document Center as well as on the respective sub-pages of the QS company website. There you can also download the revised checklists for audits that will be carried out from January 1, 2021 onwards.


Chlorpyrifos and chlorpyrifos-methyl - this must now be observed

The ban on both of these plant protection products has given rise to new legal guidelines for maximum residue levels (MRLs) in animal feed. This has now been reduced to 0.01 mg/kg for all feeds, which is the same as the detection limit.

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