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New issue of QS-Report Fruit, Vegetables, Potatoes published

The new issue of the QS Report for the fruit and vegetable industry is now available in our media catalogue on the QS company website .  


New FAQ area for laboratories in the Residue, Feed and Salmonella monitoring

In addition to FAQs on the QS scheme, on participation in the scheme and on questions from the individual scheme stages, QS now also offers a separate question-answer area on its company website for laboratories active in the QS scheme.


Aflatoxin B1 - Revision of the additional control plan

The additional control plan for aflatoxin B1 was revised with effect from April 29, 2020. Based on the available results for aflatoxin B1 in maize, the revised version contains a new risk assessment for Spain.


IDTF database is positively evaluated in an online survey

In order to further optimize the service of the ICRT (International Committee Road Transport) and to make lasting improvements to the IDTF database (International Database Transport for Feed) in the interest of the certified companies, the ICRT conducted an Online Survey last December and January.


Fruit, vegetables, potatoes: Supporting documents for labelling of QS...

The supporting document Labelling of QS products serves scheme participants as support for the correct implementation of the labelling of QS products on the accompanying documents. The document is now also available in Italian and Spanish - in addition to a German and English version.    


March 2020 - Overview of new QS scheme participants

Every month, new companies decide to participate in the QS scheme and thus give a signal to their customers that all their operational processes are checked by independent certification bodies.


QS information poster on hand and work hygiene - Now also in Spanish,...

In order to support producers in the current corona crisis in the best possible way with regard to hygiene, infection protection and prevention, QS provides in its Infoportal on the coronavirus information posters in seven languages on hand hygiene as well as on the most important general...


Style guide for the QS certification mark - Revised edition published

QS has revised the structure and layout of the style guide for the use of the QS certification mark, further specifying the rules for use on composite products. The new version of the style guide can now be downloaded from the QS website .


QS information poster on hand and work hygiene - download now free of charge!

The fruit, vegetable and potato industry is defying the corona crisis with high flexibility and proven routines in hygiene and quality assurance. On this basis, the production companies raise the level of protection against infection ad hoc and teach decisive quality and hygiene standards to...

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