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Quality assurance backed up by
expertise and know-how

The QS quality scheme is an industry initiative for safe food - from farm to shop. All advancements of the scheme are carried out in close consultation with the partners in industry. This ensures that all of the roughly 170,000 scheme participants are pulling in the same direction.

In three advisory boards, in the board of trustees and in the sanction board, highly respected experts share their know-how to support efforts in quality assurance.

In addition, there are various working groups focusing on special topics in the area of feed and food production as well as two science funds that promote research in the field of feed safety.

The advisory boards - concentrated expertise

In the QS scheme, advisory boards define the requirements that scheme participants have to comply with. Moreover, for the following areas, the advisory boards lay down the inspection criteria for independent inspections carried out by the auditors:


  • Advisory board for cattle and pigs
  • Advisory board for poultry
  • Advisory board for fruit, vegetables and potatoes


The members of the advisory boards represent the industry parties involved in the scheme. All decisions in the advisory boards are made unanimously.

The board of trustees - engaging in dialogue for safe food

The board of trustees advises the management and the advisory boards on fundamental issues relating to quality assurance in the production and marketing of food. The board of trustees comprises representatives from the worlds of politics, industry, science and consumer protection. They engage in dialogue on behalf of these groups and support the ongoing development of the QS scheme for food you can trust.

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The sanction board - systematic sanctioning of violations

The sanction board in the QS scheme is a neutral and independent body called upon in the event of gross violations of the QS requirements by scheme participants.

Chaired by a judge, a lawyer and at least one independent expert discuss whether and how violations are to be sanctioned.

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The science funds - supporting research

The proceeds from sanction measures go towards two science funds. These funds support scientific and research projects in the agricultural and food sectors that are of specific benefit for the overall supply chain. The decision on the awarding of funds is made by management boards created for this specific purpose.

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