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Logistics service providers for fruit, vegetables and potatoes in the QS scheme

Logistics service providers who transport fruit and vegetables signal with their participation in the QS scheme that they have their processes checked by independent auditors and that they are committed to practical quality assurance.


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Become a QS scheme participant

Are you a logistics company transporting fruit, vegetables or potatoes and would like to participate in the QS scheme? Here you will find detailed information on participating in the QS scheme.

QS Agreements

QS actively promotes cooperation with other standard owners across national borders, so that everyone can rely on each other. In the interests of food and feed safety, QS maintains a close exchange with the standard owners- a good basis for joint further development.

Logistics | International

IFS Logistics, IFS Food, IFS Cash&Carry/Wholesale, BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution, BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and GMP

QS recognizes IFS Logistics IFS Food or IFS Cash&Carry/Wholesale certificates for logistics services in the QS scheme.

For the transport of unpacked, loose potatoes and onions as bulk goods or goods in bulk packs, the right to deliver into the QS system can also be obtained by a certification according to the QS guideline Feed Sector (production scope road transport) or certification according to GMP+ (scope road transport).

The participation via a recognized certificate takes place by the responsible certification body entering the runtime of the IFS or GMP+ certificate in the QS database.

Further information can be found in the document Steps to becoming a scheme participant - Logistics.


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