Food you can trust: fruit, vegetables, potatoes

Quality assurance of fruit, vegetables and potatoes begins with the production in the fields and greenhouses. QS provides production companies with support in the form of practice-oriented requirements that we have compiled in the QS guidelines and self-assessment checklists.

Qualified auditors review the implementation of and compliance with requirements in independent audits. This forms the basis for the QS certification that producers use to provide evidence of audited production processes vis-à-vis their customers.

Relevant documents

You can find the documents for your participation in the QS scheme here:

If you are a producer of fruit, vegetables and potatoes and would like to participate in the QS scheme, contact a coordinator. He will advise you on all questions relating to the QS scheme. He will help you with registration and organise the auditing process as well as participation in the residue monitoring.

If you are interested, choose a QS-approved coordinator from our list. He will then conclude a written declaration of participation with you.

Which certificate?

QS offers you a choice of standards for certification purposes. You can choose between the QS and the QS-GAP standards. Consult your coordinator to identify the right standard for your needs.

Mutual recognition agreements with other standards means that scheme participation may also be based on a GlobalG.A.P, Vegaplan or AMAG.A.P audit.

Information on the recognitions

Point of contact for questions and recommendations

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