Wholesalers in the QS scheme ensure that fruit, vegetables and potatoes from the producer arrive in retail outlets safely and in fresh condition. QS provides support here: with practice-oriented requirements that we have compiled in the QS guidelines.

Qualified auditors review the implementation of and compliance with requirements in independent audits. By implementing QS residue monitoring, wholesalers ensure that their products are tested by independent laboratories approved by QS.

The certification against QS can be used as evidence of audited production and marketing processes vis-à-vis customers.

Relevant documents

You can find the documents for your participation in the QS scheme here:

If you are a wholesaler and would like to participate in the QS scheme, you can register via the QS database, where you can choose an approved certification body that will perform the audit on your premises. The same applies to agencies and packing stations.

After a successful audit, the certification body enters the result in the QS database. You will then be sent your scheme agreement for signing. Once the agreement has been signed, you can deliver your goods into the QS scheme.

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