Quality assurance in the food processing company

Preparation/Processing in the QS scheme

Businesses which shred, peel, grate, slice, puree, freeze or heat fruit, vegetables or potatoes can get certified according to the guideline preparation/processing. Canned food production and sprout production are also covered by the guideline.

The guideline contains practice-oriented requirements for the production processes that take account of the increased risk potential. These requirements include requirements for process, plant and staff hygiene as well as for temperature management. In order to ensure the microbiological safety of products, the businesses must implement a microbiological monitoring based on QS specifications.

Producers who produce greens or carry out peeling processes can have the requirements for the processing procedures audited in combination with the QS-GAP audit at the production stage.



Become a QS scheme participant

Are you a company for the preparation or processing of fruit, vegetables, potatoes and would like to participate in the QS scheme? Here you will find detailed information on participating in the QS scheme.

Residue Monitoring

Residue monitoring in the QS scheme monitors fruit, vegetables and potatoes to ensure that applicable maximum residue levels for plant protection products and limit values for pollutants and nitrate are observed. It also checks whether the pesticides used are approved for the product. The aim of monitoring is to ensure that only flawless goods find their way to the consumer. In the event of complaints, possible causes are clarified in order to avoid recurrence by means of suitable measures.



Juliane Weinmann

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