QS requirements beyond the law

The requirements in the QS scheme can exceed the legal requirements. This applies particularly to processes that have a critical influence on food safety or animal welfare. Individual measures beyond the law are listed in this document.

However, it is important to note first of all that quality assurance based on one another - from farm to shop - is characteristic of QS. The binding product and process requirements apply to all scheme participants at home and abroad.

Ensuring process quality, independent controls, comprehensive monitoring, and consistent traceability...

... are the core elements of the QS scheme for safe food products founded in 2001.

The companies that have decided to participate in the QS scheme are audited at regular intervals. By signing the scheme contract, the participants undertake to observe the requirements defined in the QS scheme for production and marketing. At the same time, they submit to independent inspection by independent, accredited certification bodies (ISO/IEC 17065) and recognized, accredited laboratories (ISO/IEC 17025).

Process control in the QS scheme is supplemented by product controls in the scheme's own monitoring programs. In the meat and meat products supply chain, companies are obliged to participate in feed and salmonella monitoring as well as antibiotics monitoring. In the supply chain of fruit, vegetables and potatoes they participate in the QS residue monitoring.All scheme participants must ensure traceability at all times. The compilation of information on the purchase of goods must be guaranteed within four hours.

QS requirements beyond the law

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