Traceability systems and quality assurance measures build trust, as consumers attach a great deal of importance to the origin and safety of meat and meat products.

Butchery businesses therefore implement quality assurance measures and ensure full traceability of all goods they procure. QS supports them by providing practice-oriented requirements that are summarised in well-structured guidelines and checklists.

By participating in the QS scheme, butchery businesses confirm that they arrange for all processes to be inspected by independent bodies. This builds trust and is also an important selling argument.

QS Agreements

QS actively promotes cooperation with other standard owners across national borders, so that everyone can rely on each other. In the interests of food and feed safety, QS maintains a close exchange with the standard owners- a good basis for joint further development. 

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BePork (Belpork v.z.w.)

There is a mutual audit recognition between the Belgian standard BePork and QS. Pig farms, as well as slaughter and deboning companies that have been successfully certified according to BePork, can deliver live pigs or pork to the QS scheme.


The bilateral agreement replaces the previous Certus and CodiplanPlus standards. After a transitional phase in which the previous certificates will continue to be valid, slaughter and deboning companies will only be able to deliver into the QS scheme on the basis of BePork certification from January 1, 2022, and farms from January 1, 2023.


Markus Hensgen


Markus Hensgen

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