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Diagnostic Data

Before meat is released for food production, all animals for slaughter must undergo an official ante-mortem and post-mortem inspection. The health status of the animals shall be fully assessed. The collection, evaluation and feedback of diagnostic data from slaughter to the livestock owner play an important role in the QS scheme. Diagnostic data monitoring in combination with antibiotic and salmonella monitoring represents an essential pillar in the assessment of animal health.

Diagnostic data enable valuable conclusions to be drawn on animal health and comparison possibilities with other farms

The diagnostic data collected during the official ante-mortem and post-mortem inspection of slaughter pigs, turkeys and chickens shall be reported to the QS diagnostic database. Here the data are evaluated and animal health indices (TGI) are determined, which are reported back to the pigs - and soon also to the poultry fatteners. For livestock farmers and veterinarians, they are important indicators of animal welfare and animal health on the farm, as they provide valuable information on animal diseases. At the same time, the animal health indices allow farmers and veterinarians to make a direct comparison with other farms that have delivered to the same slaughterhouse.



Thomas May

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