Livestock transport

Quality assurance from farm to shop means: Transport companies that transport cattle, pigs or poultry within the QS scheme must also have QS approval.

In the transport of livestock, the safety and welfare of the animals have top priority, and the considerate and humane treatment of animals during transport is all-important. In addition, care is taken to ensure that all transports are carried out by qualified personnel and are properly documented. The vehicles used must comply with the national and EU regulations on livestock transport.

Become a QS scheme participant

Are you a livestock transport company and would like to participate in the QS scheme? Here you will find detailed information on participating in the QS scheme.

QS Agreements

QS actively promotes cooperation with other standard owners across national borders, so that everyone can rely on each other. In the interests of food and feed safety, QS maintains a close exchange with the standard owners- a good basis for joint further development. 

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AMA-Gütesiegel (AMA Marketing GesmbH)

QS recognizes the Austrian AMA Gütesiegel (quality label) of AMA Marketing GesmbH for cattle production and transport.  With a certification according to the AMA Gütesiegel regulations, the farms can, under defined conditions, supply into the QS scheme.

The businesses are bundled centrally by the standard owner (AMA) and are listed in the QS database. The eligibility of deliveries from the companies is represented in the QS database.


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