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QS Feed Monitoring

High-quality feed forms the basis for good animal nutrition, and systematic feed monitoring is therefore of central importance. The QS feed monitoring system monitors compliance with limit and guidance values for substances like mycotoxins, dioxins, plant protection products and heavy metals. Feed producers, feed traders and agricultural businesses who mix their own feed all take part in QS feed monitoring.

Systematic and thorough

Sampling is carried out according to specific control plans. Analyses are systematically spread over the entire year. Feed material producers and traders whose products are not covered by a sector-specific control plan submit a business-specific control plan to QS for approval. For farmers who mix their own feed, the coordinator organizes participation in feed monitoring.

All sample data and test results are recorded in the QS database. To ensure that all requirements are met and that laboratory results can be compared, only QS-recognised laboratories may be commissioned to perform the tests.


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QS database


QS database


QS-EasyPlan Feed

Quickly and easily compile control plans

With the QS-EasyPlan feed, control plans for feed monitoring can be put together quickly and easily


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Analysis results QS Feed Monitoring

From which countries are raw materials purchased in the QS scheme? Which raw materials are from Brazil or the USA? What abnormalities were there with the feeds?

Teaser Fumi Kompakt EN

Feed Monitoring - Facts and figures on contaminants in feed

Teaser Fumi Kompakt EN

Today, QS feed monitoring can draw on an impressive database of over 4 million analysis results. In the following PDF document kompakt - Facts and figures on contaminants in animal feed we have evaluated the current results on contaminants in animal feed. The evaluations can be used, among other things, to compare the analysis results of our own animal feeds.


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